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Learn more about the cab industry and green taxis in and around the greater Montreal area

At Taxi CSÛRE, we act with transparency for all our customers. Find out more about the cab industry and about ecological cabs in the greater Montreal area and its surroundings.

The ecological cabs

The price of fuel is excessively expensive, and pollution is growing exponentially. More and more, cab drivers are opting for an affordable solution to minimize their fuel costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions into the air. However, the choice of electric or hybrid vehicles must be made intelligently by our cab owners. Prestigious brands, such as Tesla, are not economically attractive. The cost of the vehicles is too high (over $100,000 for most models), especially when we consider that our cabs are generally replaced after eight years.

We would like to consider purchasing KIA SOUL and NISSAN LEAF vehicles. Unfortunately, these cars have an average range of 100 kilometers, which is not enough for a cab to operate for a full day.

As a result of this information, hybrid cabs, such as the Toyota Prius V and Toyota Camry, are currently being prioritized in the cab industry.

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