About Taxi CSÛRE

Identity and history of CSÛRE cabs in the Greater Montreal Area

Would you like to learn more about the identity and history of our cab company, which serves the Greater Montreal area, but also the rest of Quebec and part of Ontario? We invite you to read on!

What is the CUSTOM identity?

CSÛRE stands for Ccentral to Suniversal U system of Reconomic distribution.

Our logo speaks for itself: the white evokes the Quebec phrase "C'est sûr," and the green highlights the English phrase "sure." Since these two expressions share the letters S, U and R, we decided to combine the two expressions to obtain a bilingual logo. The letters C and E refer to the Quebec expression and the English expression respectively. The padlock inspires confidence and security in transport and it plays, at the same time, the role of the point which connects "CSÛRE" to "TAXI" to make our domain name: CSÛRE.TAXI.

With these choices, we want our customers to feel the importance we place on reliable and safe service, which is at the heart of our identity.

What is our history?

The CSÛRE project was tabled as a brief in the National Assembly in March 2016. Our project aims to modernize the cab industry throughout the province, an industry that today faces a monopoly that is taking hold at great speed.

At Taxi CSÛRE, our mission is to democratize the cab transportation service in order to make it digital and much more accessible for regular and new customers, at all times. Our way of working must make its way with the drivers and the owners of cab licenses.

Our monthly dues in this industry range from $350 to $410, which is excessively high for the precarious working conditions of drivers, who often find themselves with long waiting periods. With CSÛRE, the fee will cover the minimum fixed operating costs of a driver at a middleman. However, CSÛRE intends to charge 10% per trip.

Who are our founders?

Our principal shareholder and founder, Malek Zinati, has been involved on several occasions in the fight against the inequalities that favour the large companies in the cab industry. A former student in Software Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal, he combined his computer science background with his cab experience. His knowledge has allowed him to have a vision that stands out by its uniqueness and by his will to fight evil with good with great determination. Malek Zinati has been working on the CSÛRE project since March 2016 and intends to continue to put all the necessary efforts into it to make it a success for many years to come.

Malek Zinati founded our company in order to help the real artisans of the cab industry, who are the cab owners and drivers. He strongly believes that the CSÛRE concept will appeal to Quebecers, and to all those who wish to contribute to the province's wealth. He is also the one who conceived the name CSÛRE with the will to make it a bilingual concept.

Our company also has five other shareholders, including Rhizlane Amine, the wife of Malek Zinati.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book a cab?

At Taxi CSÛRE, we have the cab you need and we will take you to your destination!